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What Do You Think About The New Bozo?

Master Clown Admin

I kind of like the new makeup style it's cute I do hope there will be a new show

Topic starter Posted : 05/08/2022 6:16 pm
Junior Clown Admin

I haven't seen her perform yet. I am a bit sad to see an old whiteface clown going away. Granted the bottom line is white face is very old fashioned. Also, David Arquette is on a mission to make clowns cool again. I am all for that. And frankly the circus evolves. Heavy whiteface and some of the circus tradition may need to take a back seat as this new things plays out. 

I am pleased they gave her a different name since she is very different from the previous Bozos. All the previous Bozos pretty much looked the same. That is something that happens with a popular clown. 

I like her costume and makeup. 

The only real issue I have is that Jozo Bozo is a European Magicians who performs for kids. When I first heard the name I thought he was the new Bozo. 




Posted : 07/08/2022 2:12 am